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Adobe Photoshop Tuition – £502018-01-11T08:52:18+00:00

Project Description

Adobe Photoshop Tuition

Our Photoshop tutorial will rapidly advance your photo editing skills by focusing on the most relevant tools for Photo editing in real-world scenarios. During the session, we’ll import some images directly from Lightroom and apply our edits during the image round-trip. Learn to work with layers and filters to really make your images stand out as a piece of fine art not just a tourist photo.

Without personalised tuition, trying to learn the vast number of functions in Photoshop can be really daunting and often puts beginners off as it seems way to difficult or simply not worth the effort.

2 Hour Workshop £50

  • Importing Images from Lightroom

  • Working with Layers

  • Dodging and Burning

  • Working with the Healing Brush

  • Adding Layer Adjustments

  • Image Blending and Compositing

  • Working with Text

  • Creating Brush Watermarks

  • Modifying Images with Filters